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The activity, the results, the success

A short profile

Professor Danilo di Stefano has been working in the Dental field for more than 30 years. Today, he’s committed exclusively to oral and implant surgery, with a specific focus on pre-implant reconstructive surgery. He operates in an advanced dental clinic in Milan: the Civitali Dental and Prosthetic Centre.

He collaborates actively with several Italian Universities. In 2018 he obtained the title of Associate professor in Odontostomatological diseases. He is currently Contract Professor of Oral Surgery at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele Milan University.

Over the years, he has promoted several ventures aimed to spread dental knowledge. He completes his clinical activity by participating as a speaker to international and national congresses. He was the first founder of dental journals that have later become a reference in the field, like the “Giornale dell’Odontoiatra”, “Italian Oral Surgery” and “Implantologia Orale”. He has an intense publishing activity and authored very well-known specialized books, published by the most eminent Publishing companies (Elsevier, Utet).

Promoting scientific and cultural events, Professor Di Stefano is – since 1990 – councilor of the Cenacolo Odonstomatologico Milanese. He is active member and President of the Board of Supervisor of one of the most important Italian Dental Scientific Societies, the Italian Academy of Osseintegration (IAO). He is member of the Social Committee of S.I.d.C.O, honorary member of S.I.S.C.O.O. and member of the European Board of Oral Surgery.

Danilo di Stefano

Dental Clinical Activity

The beating heart

The patient deserves the best, every single day

The beating heart is here. Competence, surgical skills, the desire of learning new surgical techniques would serve no purpose without the passion for the patient, who simply deserves the best.

Di Stefano practices prosthetic and implant rehabilitation at the highest levels, improving continuously his skills also through the yearlong collaboration with the Dental Clinic at the San Raffaele Hospital.

He favors implant surgeries especially if requiring bone regeneration, a field where his is a reference both in Italy and abroad.

Danilo di Stefano

Contributing to knowledge

Providing excellence to patients

by advancing knowledge

Passion for a deeper understanding, innate curiosity and a strong will of contributing to Dental research lead to an incessant publishing activity. The number of articles on national and international journals increases every year.

By adding our little contribution to clinical knowledge, we hope to stimulate a positive debate, and to give our colleagues in search for reliable reference useful tools to provide patients with ever-improving clinical care.

Danilo di Stefano

Industry Relations

Business ideas

The added value of experience

The knowledge developed through clinical experience and deeply explored by means of scientific research often finds its completion in the added value from the experience of companies willing to invest in innovative products.

Professor Di Stefano has dedicated many years of his life, his wit and his professional skills to a number of industrial initiatives that have contributed to the advancement of technology and knowledge in the field of dentistry.

Speaker at major conferences, is part of the vanguard of the industry and professional animator of research groups able to contribute positively to the success of business ideas.



Contributing to knowledge

A relentless activity

Passion for a deeper understanding, innate curiosity and a strong will of contributing to Dental research lead to an incessant publishing activity. The number of articles on national and international journals increases every year. By adding our little contribution to clinical knowledge, we hope to stimulate a positive debate, and to give our colleagues in search for reliable reference useful tools to provide patients with ever-improving clinical care.


Specialized Books

Tecniche rigenerative e ricostruttive in chirugia implantare
Di Stefano, Cazzaniga.

Tecniche rigenerative e ricostruttive in chirurgia implantare.

Elsevier novembre 2013.
Prelievi ossei nelle ricostruzioni pre e perimplantari
Di Stefano, Cazzaniga.

Prelievi ossei nelle ricostruzioni pre e perimplantari.

Elsevier Masson marzo 2011 (Ed. Spagnola nel 2013).
Chirurgia ossea ricostruttiva pre-e perimplantare
Di Stefano, Cazzaniga.

Chirurgia ossea ricostruttiva.

Elsevier Masson maggio 2008.
Prelievi ossei intra ed extraorali.
Di Stefano, Cazzaniga.

Prelievi ossei intra ed extraorali.

Masson settembre 2003.

Edizioni Estere

Di Stefano, Cazzaniga.

Técnicas de Regeneración y Reconstrucción en Cirugía Implantar (Tecniche rigenerative e ricostruttive in chirurgia implantare).

(2013) Amolca
Di Stefano, Cazzaniga.

Injertos Oseos En Las Reconstrucciones Pre Y Periimplantares (Prelievi ossei nelle ricostruzioni pre e perimplantari).

(2013) Amolca

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Popular Publications

Danilo A. Di Stefano.

La rigenerazione ossea, una questione multifattoriale.

Il Dentista Moderno, 01/2019, pp. 70-72
Danilo A. Di Stefano.

Gengive: che cosa occorre fare quando "si ritraggono?"

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Impianti post-estrattivi immediati nei settori estetici.

Cosmetic Dentistry, n° 4, 2016, pp. 8-13
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Criteri di prevedibilità nell’aumento dei volumi ossei: biomateriali o sostituti ossei?

Implant Tribune, n° 3, 2016, pp. 18-19
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Sostituti ossei e prevedibilità clinica: dalla ricerca al successo chirurgico.

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Come ottenere una stabilità primaria predicibile.

Il Dentista Moderno, n° 1, 2016, pp. 54-59
Paolo Arosio, Giorgio Gastaldi, Giovanna Iezzi, Danilo Alessio Di Stefano.

Un nuovo micromotore come strumento di diagnosi e oggettivazione della stabilità primaria.

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In collaborazione con Danilo A. Di Stefano

Impronte dentali? Al computer

Essere&Benessere Medicina, n° 3, 2014, pp. 58-59.
Danilo A. Di Stefano

Cellule staminali: sicurezza nella rigenerazione ossea

GdO, n° 11, 2012, pp. 10-11
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Ai nastri il nuovo corso di laurea del San Raffaele di Milano

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Il prezioso sinergismo tra implantologo e otorinolaringoiatra

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Le giornate milanesi di implantologia

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A primavera il Congresso nazionale Coi-Aiog

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Congresso S.I.d.C.O. 2020

Programmazione implanto protesica: è condizionante conoscere la qualità ossea e la stabilità implantare?

Intervento del Prof. Danilo A. Di Stefano
1° Congresso Internazionale IAO

L'evoluzione delle Società di Chirurgia Orale ed Implantare in Italia

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Biomateriali e chirurgia guidata nelle tecniche di rigenerazione ossea

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Predicibilità degli Aumenti di Volume Osseo

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Intervista al prof. Danilo A. Di Stefano

The Science of the Smile – La scienza del sorriso

Glance - Luxury and Glamour - Gennaio 2007
Intervista al prof. Danilo A. Di Stefano

Recuperare il Sorriso

Sanissimi – Medicina, Prevenzione, Salute - Marzo 2007
Patient's Smile

Patient's smile

The Patient’s Smile

mirrors competence

The Patient’s Smile is the aim of any clinical effort. It may be the smile of a person who has recovered the look he/she had, or of someone simply able to eat again. The smile of someone who has solved a problem and has nothing more to worry about. The smile of someone who feels again being in safe hands.

A clinical case speaks to the expert. A smile speaks to the Patient: never let smile leave practice.



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